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  • Ada Balcerek (born 2012), started diving when she was 3,5 years old. The youngest member of the COSW Team from Czestochowa in Poland. One day she wants to be a trainer, teacher or a fairy-tales writer 🙂 She also loves a bike in summer, skiing......

  • One hell of a season, one hell of a dive! Check out the top dives of #redbullcliffdiving 2016 men’s competition: #5 Krzysztof Kolanus (POL) “Forward 3 Somersaults 1/2 Twist Pike“....

  • Red Bull Cliff Diving has its first female winner — Anna Bader from Germany. It was the eagerly-awaited competition and this Saturday afternoon four athletes proved why they were chosen to compete in the first-ever Red Bull Cliff Diving women’s competition. In a close fight,......





Mad Hoppers is a platform designed to bring people together who dedicate their lives to extreme sport. Cliff diving is all about your body sailing through the air from dizzying heights and plunging into a body of water. We are all about the following

• We are offering diving and cliff diving courses for everyone. The platform is opened to everyone all over the world who are interested in learning more about cliff diving. Our courses are not just opened to cliff divers but to all people that are interested in the sport. Sports like cliff climbing, Taekwondo, tricking etc, that are much more of acrobats, cliff diving will be a good sport substitute because diving is a mixture with acrobats which will help in improving balance and overcoming fear.
• We are organizing training camps as a preparation for competitions and show events. Divers will have the privilege of learning new stunts from one another just to improve on their skills(acrobats) before the arrival of competitions and show events.
• We support organizations of high diving shows. It will be a privilege to those with us who will have the opportunity of being able to participate and also gain more understanding, skills and experience in cliff diving.
• We are always ready to travel to any part of the worldjust to look for mesmerizing spot that will capture the attention of many. With the trips, training and traveling, our notion is to gather the best cliff divers all over the world as collective and go for mind blowing adventures together, record the videos and share our experience with others. We will also like to find sponsors who are sport lovers to help sponsor our project to promote the cliff diving all around the world.