The Pioneers of the Plymouth Armada Cup –  High Dive Event for Junior Divers - Mad Hoppers
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The Pioneers of the Plymouth Armada Cup –  High Dive Event for Junior Divers

The Pioneers of the Plymouth Armada Cup –  High Dive Event for Junior Divers

The prestigious annual Armada Cup Diving Event in Plymouth is a great opportunity for junior divers to show their training achievements and display their skills from all heights up to 10 meters.

The competition attracts clubs from all around the UK to compete against the host club Plymouth Diving who sends a large team of aspiring youngsters into the ring.

Among them, some of their more established stars, like Aiden Heslop who has successfully participated in the Common Wealth Games as well the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, are also diving in this extraordinary event.

The event is held over 4 days and provides a challenge to all the divers to maintain their concentration and performances. The final contest is the High Dive event and it was the first ever indoor competition for junior divers, where all dives have to be performed FEET FIRST

The participation in the high dive event requires a minimum age of 11 years and the performance of two different dives from the 7.5m or 10m platform.

The most courageous divers were able to enter on the day and the main goal was to try something different, widen the range of the diver´s aerial skills and awareness and more than all – have fun! It is organized as a charity event, and all money raised goes to a charity project of the divers´choice.

The most inspiring highlight for the young talents, however, was meeting special guest Gary Hunt, World Champion 2015 and current Cliff Diving World Series winner.

Gary was running a workshop for enthusiastic young athletes. He motivated them to try feet first entries and shared his secrets of successful training.

These seven brave participants,

male and female, dived in the 2019 Armada Cup High Dive event:

  1. Aidan Heslop 148.90

  2. Euan McCabe 121.20

  3. Connor West 106.40

  4. Josh Freeman 91.00

  5. Frances Burdett 58.80

  6. Scarlett Colbourne 51.30

  7. Lucy Gutiérrez-Freeman 41.30