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The Potential of Acupuncture in the World of Cliff Diving

The Potential of Acupuncture in the World of Cliff Diving

High Diving is an extreme sport

An unprotected human being leaps of a 90 feet cliff and with the power of gravity accelerates up to 85 km/h before hitting the surface of the water. The impact is followed by an immediate deceleration down to 0 in less than a second. These are forces equal to a car crash causing severe injuries including whiplash and concussion.

To be able to withstand the brutality of the elements on a regular base during a competition season, athletes do not only need to spend hours and hours every day for physical preparation before the season, but it is also essential to have a team of physiotherapists supporting them right at the events.

We like to introduce you to Valerie

 our phenomenal physiotherapist, and acupuncturist from Canada. Valerie assisted Lysanne Richard for her impressive comeback in 2018, winning the silver medal at the FINA World Cup in Abu Dhabi and finishing third place overall in the Cliff Diving World Series, after she had not been able to compete at all the previous year due to a severe disc injury.

 Valerie joined us at the Red Bull World Series Stop in Mostar/Bosnia Herzegovina and together with renowned physiotherapist Angie Passenbrunner supported the Top Cliff Divers at the most dangerous stop of the season. Due to the strong current of the ice cold Neretva river athletes are suffering more injuries than in any other stops of the series.

Kris Kolanus hurt his adductors during a training session and was about to pull out of the competition as even walking was nearly impossible. With the help of Valerie he managed not only to participate in the event only two days after the accident but wrestled for the victory until the last round, missing a podium finish by just 2.1 points.

In this video

Valerie shares, her expertise explains the power of proper treatment in the world of high diving and gives insight into the secrets of her magic needles.

Thank You, Valerie!

Watch the video below: